[ODTV logo] The ODTV (On-Demand TWiT Video) project was begun in late 2008 by kiwinerd (me), and ended naturally in early 2011 as it was no longer needed. Two and a bit years of unpaid volunteer work from English-speaking geeks scattered around the world was a damn fine effort, and it was also great fun. In the end, we provided the TWiT community with about 1500 videos for free, which I still have on an old hard drive somewhere. Thanks to everyone involved, especially:-

  1. all the other members of Team ODTV who contributed volunteer time over the project's lifetime, including steveh, jeh, PcGuy, Ikon, sunkenplanet, sharp65, mikerm, syanick, indiana, RalphSaunders, StormBasiat, CriticalMass, DIX-flatline, iso50, Caleb, DarkPC, Steeve, ChrisJones, DrNumb, FiveOfEight, thelosh, meny311, jdwusami, kylehase, NiteInJail, and Houdini7 from IRC.
  2. TWiT fans, who donated to our earlier bandwidth expenses, and then Leo Laporte himself, who donated Cachefly bandwidth. In our heyday, we were using terabytes a month.

*ALL* the ODTV content was removed from Cachefly's servers awhile ago, so there is no point in asking me to resurrect the old site I used to run at this URL. But you can download the MP4 of our very first video here if you like for old time's sake. It should play easily on iOS devices.

Below is the ODTV test pattern by jeh. The image further up is the ODTV logo by kiwinerd.

[ODTV's test pattern image]